get yoself some pita, bitch

me and my fabulous rock hair

shopping-free days: 3 (v. good)

el pita

la chica
[a boy]
[a girl]
[buy me stuff]

estan luz y impulso

eses me gustan
[disturbing search requests]
[damn hell ass kings]
[exploding dog]
[eric conveys an emotion]
[atlantic unbound]
[u of a]
[divide by zero]
[emily strange]
[art of the mix]
[the new varscona]
[the sims]

more links to come as soon as I get my lazy ass in gear

l < subversive > ?
boys [suck]

i've been
fucking imood
since march 1st, 2000!

i was there when you broke my heart/i remember my heart
Friday, April 20, 2001 @ 09:18 p.m.

if you don't like what's happening now, then you'd better change what happens next

i remember how things used to be

am i feeling logical? no, i don't think so. the new bran van 3000 single makes me happy to be alive.

i don't buy things anymore. i haven't bought anything for three days. my goal is to make it to the end of april without spending another cent. (high-grade necessity items [birth control pills, bus passes and library fines] are exempted.) I feel pretty good about this. I am on my way to financial responsibility. Also, social ruin. Oh well.

Note additions to sidebar: new links, picture of me with fabulous rock hair, and running tally of shopping-free days.

The Top 84 Things Of All Time
Thursday, April 19, 2001 @ 09:28 a.m.

  1. true love
  2. books
  3. libraries
  4. sitting in movie theatres for 45 minutes before the show starts
  5. the dewey decimal system
  6. playgrounds
  7. airplane food
  8. driving in cars
  9. treehouses
  10. macaroni and cheese
  11. eyeglasses
  12. e-mail
  13. hardwood floors
  14. bare feet
  15. notebooks
  16. foosball
  17. brown eyes
  18. the smell of The Body Shop
  19. quilts
  20. postage stamps
  21. storms
  22. IKEA (semi-disposable Scandanavian furniture)
  23. LEGO
  24. Mr. Noodles
  25. egg rolls
  26. lip balm
  27. Trivial Pursuit
  28. Second Cup white hot chocolate
  29. mixtapes
  30. TWISTER (a stockin' foot game)
  31. my hairstylist
  32. dristan
  33. Albert Einstein
  34. old computers (the older the better)
  35. John Irving
  36. popsicles
  37. green Fruitopia
  38. vinyl stickers
  39. the Wild Colonials
  40. black bras
  41. Shakespeare
  42. sleeping
  43. Bendos
  44. pricing guns
  45. xpresspost
  46. dinosaurs
  47. robots
  48. pirates
  49. orange
  50. Pez
  51. Apricot Exfoliating Facial Scrub
  52. white tictacs
  53. cd singles
  54. The Sims
  55. tampons
  56. the Mountain Equipment Co-op
  57. labels and label-makers
  58. me
  59. Spanish
  60. boys
  61. being able to eat with chopsticks
  62. Canada
  63. improv
  64. kisses
  65. cadbury mini eggs
  66. Charlie's Angels (the movie)
  67. chocolate-covered espresso beans
  68. LoveSeat-Style Stadium Seating
  69. mavi jeans
  70. satsuma
  71. Old Navy
  72. lime margaritas
  73. the buzz
  74. friends
  75. chocolate milk
  76. Where The Wild Things Are (the book)
  77. not missing the bus
  78. meatball sub sandwiches
  79. the Varscona
  80. Malcolm In The Middle
  81. Wuthering Heights
  82. Mr. Mixxx
  83. Colin Firth
  84. mango snapple

you're no good for me, i know
Wednesday, April 18, 2001 @ 05:11 p.m.

what a glorious day! my english exam is over, and it was relatively painless; the backstreet boys are playing very loudly; i am finding new furniture for my sims; and outside the weather is splendid. before my exam i lay outside on the grass and read my book in the sunshine. this is april! i ought to live somewhere warm, you know. the seratonin!

hey, weird fact!
Tuesday, April 17, 2001 @ 07:38 p.m.

IE has this neat function where, whenever you fill out a blank as in a form, a little drop-down menu appears with previous things you've typed in previous blanks. As soon as I typed in "hey," my browser suggested "hey, weird fact!", and who am I to argue?

April 22-28 is TV turnoff week. Am I willing to miss THAT SEVENTIES SHOW? Probably. SURVIVOR? Yeah-- I haven't watched it in awhile. BUFFY-- they're all reruns. But Malcolm in the Middle... I don't think so. It does't count if it's Sunday night, right?


three haikus
Monday, April 16, 2001 @ 09:32 p.m.

my referrers all
say "nelly furtado nude"
people are dirty.

i'm sorry, but here
at deletia, we're
SO not into that.

my dad has crafted
a new lid for my fishtank
my fish can't escape

i've never really had a problem because of leaving
Monday, April 16, 2001 @ 03:19 p.m.

...but everything reminds me of her tonight

happy deep-vaccuum-behind-your-furniture day!

i hope you never say of me that i never did right by you
Monday, April 16, 2001 @ 01:17 p.m.

i've been very busy. thursday: went to that concert at the billiard club after work. friday: went to bridget jones's diary, out for dinner with my family, and then to theatresports. saturday: had people over for breakfast, worked until 7, when went to see blow. sunday: went to work until 5, then had people over for dinner.

today i'm doing nada mucho. i have a long list of insignificant tasks written on my think-and-drive post-it, although i'm pretty sure "play majesty for three hours" wasn't on the list. mission creep. alas.

saturday: "i have a feeling BLOW wasn't supposed to be as funny as it was, but meghan and i shouldn't sit next to each other, except we should. for one thing, peewee herman is in it, which is in itself disturbing. also, ray liotta and johnny depp both get very old and fat. ray liotta gets blue hair. ray liotta is supposed to be johnny depp's father, but in real life i think they are almost the same age. hollywood needs to diversify.
when johnny depp appeared onstage in a particularly jarring hairstyle: JOCELYN: "Those sideburns--" JOCELYN and MEGHAN, in unison, emitting high-pitched fashion-emergency-scream accompanied by simultaneous little hand-wave: "aaaahhh!" [Followed by several minutes of giggles during particularly serious part of movie. v. bad.] [Note: this is the same scream-and-wave that becky does in her impersonation of oscar fashion critics: "I heard marisa tomei made her own dress. oh. my. god."]
"I'm afraid your $30 million has been seized by the panamanian government. i apologize. someone should have called you."
MEGHAN: "Manny should have called you!"
i also particularly enjoyed our whispered discussions about plot developments with the complete strangers sitting behind us. "do you think his mom turned him in?" "yeah, i think so." "it makes sense." and then later, GUY BEHIND US: "who's that?" MEGHAN: "his daughter." GBU: "oh."


little fender angie is now my desktop wallpaper.

when i woke up this morning, you were on my mind
Sunday, April 15, 2001 @ 11:13 p.m.

Friday, April 13, 2001 @ 11:12 a.m.

Well, well. Vell, vell. Finals are approaching. Time to start studying. I thought last night was fun. I'll be watching TV until further notice. Stay loose. Play fast and hard with fate. (PS: name the play that line comes from, and you win my undying respect and admiration!)

observation for wednesday
Wednesday, April 11, 2001 @ 06:49 p.m.

God made Oreo ice cream because he loves us and he wants us to be happy.

you've adopted THAT mile of highway, my friend
Tuesday, April 10, 2001 @ 10:09 p.m.

HI! did you miss me?

In the latest episode of Jocelyn's Exciting Adventures, my hard drive spitzed (that is a new word I just made up) and took off with a rock and/or roll band to California. In the meantime...

...I became convinced that my fish had eaten my snail, and then i became convinced that my fish had a fungal infection. these two events caused me a lot of distress. then i realized that the snail was on my fish, and it looked like a fungus, and... relief.

...i accumulated $16 in fines at the university library...

...i saw the neil simon play "Last of the Red-Hot Lovers" at the varscona...

...I almost finished reading "The End Of The Affair", which is really terrifically good...

...I got a swanky new 10 gig hard drive and 32 more megs of memory (this 166 pentium is supercharged, baby!)-- and not only that, but it has all my old data on it! them folks at macrotronics edmonton are data heroes. They did all this data recovery work-- which involved complex old-computer-drive finding and such-- for free. Rock on!...

...I saw ROMEO AND JULIET at the citadel...

...I went to the backroom vodka bar with my friends on friday...

... I went to work twice...

...I'm almost finished my classes....

...I have cool 70s hair...

I think I've used more ellipses in this entry than ever before in my life. See you guys on Thursday!

Like Jocelyn said
Tuesday, April 10, 2001 @ 06:16 p.m.

Sorry folks, Jocelyn's computer is really fried. So instead, this is I, a friend of Jocelyn's.

At this moment, I'm terribly jealous of Manny. The bank representative who enabled Jocelyn with plastic. Otherwise known as the cash to buy different apparel with which to encase her bosom and those other insignificant organs.

Please, can we have a moment of silence for Jocelyn's lost Sim families.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001 @ 01:12 p.m.

My computer is fried. Please hold.

boo hoo
Thursday, April 5, 2001 @ 10:11 p.m.

hey, you guys, I want sex too! That and lots and lots of stickers.

I think we are all asking ourselves this question: why not me?

I am asking myself why not me. I mean, is there something I don't know... about me?

Oh well.


This site has the most wonderfully puzzling mail art projects, zines, etc. I think I know what I'm getting all yous guys for Christmas.

Also, I am so ordering a robot hoodie from these two girls [and their garage].

The email I sent them:
I'm sorry in advance. I always hassle people with cool stuff online and I feel guilty about it. But I need to know how you ship your international orders (ie, I live in Canada.) Is it by courier or by normal-people mail? I ask only because the folks at Canada Customs are continually coming up with new ways to take away my money, and I must outwit, outplay, outlast them.

Please and thank you


Oh, god, you guys. I can't breathe.

i'm not a doctor....
Thursday, April 5, 2001 @ 12:02 p.m.

but i play one on TV!

oh, god.
Thursday, April 5, 2001 @ 09:18 a.m.

be afraid. be very afraid.


When we were gone to SK last weekend, my dad turned the heat way down in our house, and killed all my SeaMonkeys. I'm doomed. Ashes to ashes, freeze-dried to freeze-dried, I suppose.

Word to the wise: stickernation has a cool set of .PDF downloads which you can print onto your own stickers. I wish you could order them online, though. I'm very enamoured of vinyl.