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strictly speaking, this page is optimized for netscape @ 800x600... but does anyone care? no.

she said shut up i know it's only in my head

no me falto nada
martes, el 24 de octubre, dos mil @ 08:33 de la noche

do you hear del shannon's runaway playing on transistor radio waves?

Do you believe in God?

don't know
don't care

she said shut up i know it's only in my head

link du jour
Tuesday, October 24, 2000 @ 07:00 p.m.

not to seem creepy and stalker-ish, but this girl reminds me of me. and it's not just the deletia thing either.

the internet is the strangest place on earth.

she said shut up i know it's only in my head

where the fuck have you been?
Tuesday, October 24, 2000 @ 06:31 p.m.

267 days ago: "together you and i will take on the world. we will lose, but of course we will lose! two people cannot take on the world and win..."

6 months ago: "notes-- sticky valentines-- from the eggman. give me a sexxxy eggman kiss!"

unordered list:

  • I am a product of my environment
  • I am not worried, I am not overly concerned
  • I am deconstructing the internet
  • i am also on the bus.
  • i am a part of a generation consumed by nostalgia and self-absorption
  • i am satisfied
  • i am in love with cars and highways
  • i am not a spectacle
  • i don't have to be your girl
  • i amuse myself
  • i am alive in a golden age
  • i think we're exploding
  • i'm cynical
  • but somewhere i believe in a perfect future
  • i stopped believing in a perfect, infalliable love a long, long time ago
  • i'm much older than i used to be
  • i love being asleep and waking up
  • i love words, people, and music
  • i want a boy who likes my bed as much as i do
  • i like sitting still feeling sentient
  • i like thinking about ice cubes
  • god, i'm busy
  • i have the best friends in the world
  • i like the new ricky martin single
  • i like the way my brain works
  • i hope i never get lonely
  • right now, i am a piece of it all

she said shut up i know it's only in my head

i don't know where my phone is
Sunday, October 22, 2000 @ 10:59 p.m.

You know, it scares me a little bit that I have become in recent months the world's sunniest girl. I should be worried about the state of affairs-- I'm short on sleep, and I'm going to fail my philosophy120 midterm-- but it only discouraged me for a few minutes and now i'm all peachy again. I think it shows poor judgement to be happy about everything all the time.

Wow... Angie is muy swanky.

she said shut up i know it's only in my head

she said i'm naked and shameless, and peeling back the layers like an onion girl...
Sunday, October 22, 2000 @ 04:30 p.m.

don't try to save me, just stay away cause i might make you cry

Dude, my parents are freaking me out.

I go out @ 10.30 Saturday night with Jocelyn's-new-boyfriend-the-one-with-blue-hair (I use this third-person term to give you an idea of how my parents must be thinking). I got home at 5 this morning. My dog came downstairs to say hi to me, waking up my mother. She came downstairs to see what was going on. All she said was, "get some sleep," in a we'll-talk-about-this-in-the-morning tone of voice, but when I crawled out of bed this morning at 8, all either of my parents said was "you got home pretty late last night" (my mom) and a sheepish "yeah." (me.) That was it!

I mean, my parents have been replaced by ultra-relaxed parent-droids. Soon they'll start listening to Nirvana during dinner and stocking my wallet with condoms when I'm not looking. I kind of miss my real parents! But on the other hand, maybe I should just shut my big fat stupid mouth.

When I actually wrote this this morning, it had wayyyy more exclamation marks. Some edits have also been made for clarity.

Hey, guys. I nabbed Canada Post temporary tattoes, and I can set you up. Talk to me, baby.

she said shut up i know it's only in my head

Saturday, October 21, 2000 @ 06:28 p.m.

Do you love that good old deletia content but hate the simplistic design? Want to show your HTML stuff? Or just want to fuck with me? I'm holding a contest. I will sit here on my ass eating instant noodles, and my reading audience can submit new pitas templates for deletia. I will pick which one is the nicest (after I finish the noodles of course, and probably have a bit of a nap and a shower as well), and the winning template will be on my site until the next lazy-ass scheme I come up with? What do you think? Do you have the intelligence, the dexterity, the skillz, so to speak? Do you have the courage? Do you have the, uh, the plan? What about the people? And the small forest creatures? DO YOU HAVE THE LOVE? Are you up to the deletia challenge?

Okay, so this particular lazy-ass scheme is not likely to be a roaring success. You can't blame a girl for trying.

My best place is San Francisco. I stole this link from girlhero.

Amusing game:

Sit absolutely still, observing the people around you. Consider their physical traits, their personalities, their characters; pay special attention to familial, religious, cultural, or other moral values. Consider the people they know and how they interact with those people-- their relationships. Consider how long you've known them and what might have happened to them before you met them. Then, try to guess whether they're still virgins.

It's fun!

Don't tell them you are doing this.

I know I am not the only one (the only one playing this game when I'm bored... if you want to know anything else you're going to have to ask me.)

misheard (?) nelly furtado (sp.?) song:
i don't know where my phone is
i don't know where my home is

i don't know where my zone is
i don't know where my soul is...

I don't know where my phone is. But I do know where my zone is, dammit.

I don't have a phone.

remember: Deletia: quantity, not quality.


PS. If I can make my imood indicator the same colour as my column I will consider this a good day.

she said shut up i know it's only in my head

this website is cute2
Thursday, October 19, 2000 @ 11:14 p.m.

...But I am cute 3. Oh, don't be shy! Go read it. It's... well... cute.

I want to get some deletia T-shirts made and give everyone I know one for Christmas. Even my grandparents. On the front it would say way smarter than you, and the back would have deletia, and then underneath it in smaller letters, my URL. I would wear my deletia shirt with pride. Everyone else I gave one to would wear it to bed, probably.

I have started using Capital Letters. small letters and entrieswithnospaces are the lazy man's something. Angie!

she said shut up i know it's only in my head

(x)Rx.... hello!
Thursday, October 19, 2000 @ 11:00 p.m.

may i restate:

(x)Rx such that the universal discourse of naps is represented by x, and the term R represents making me into a happy, happy girl. Thus: naps :: happy girl. Or, to say it another way: arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I love naps.

Did I do my Spanish homework, as I was supposed to according to my new schedule?

I did not.

Did I go to the West end with my dad, buy a chocolate Frostee from Wendy's, new fuzzy red mittens, Post-It binder flags, and a pencil sharpener shaped like a Barbie shoe?

Yes I did.

Did I watch AIR FORCE ONE?

Yes I did.

Did I cry when William H. Macy died?

Very nearly.

I think they should make him the President of the United States.

she said shut up i know it's only in my head

handsome greek boys come bearing gifts
Thursday, October 19, 2000 @ 09:45 p.m.

I can't do homework while William H. Macy is on TV.

Jeff (my Jeff, not Jeff's Jeff) has a website now. Everybody who's somebody has a pita.

she said shut up i know it's only in my head

if that's what i am this far
Wednesday, October 18, 2000 @ 07:51 a.m.

Hey: since we all have pitas, i think we should all start posting lists of reasons we hate each other on the internet. honesty is the best policy.

I would like to enter the fray

she said shut up i know it's only in my head

i kick ass
Tuesday, October 17, 2000 @ 07:40 p.m.


  • know how to spell everything (e, v, e, r, y, t, h, i, n, g-- haha)
  • have huge pants
  • got _____ on anthro midterm
  • am absolutely gorgeous
  • spilled cofee on self TWICE (very cute)
  • Toby loves me

i like the tempest. i've read the first three acts. it's actually a lot more easily readable than the other shakespare plays i've read-- which is good because it makes for faster reading but bad because it's less thrillingly esoteric. (plays published in the early 1700s turn me on.) these are my three favourite lines:

  • "This is a devil, and no monster. I will leave him; I have no long spoon." (II, ii, 93-94)
  • "Swum ashore, man, like a duck! I can swim like a duck, I'll be sworn." (II, ii, 22-23)
  • Hear my soul speak:
    The very instant that I saw you did
    My heart fly to your service, there resides
    To make me slave to it, and for your sake
    Am I this patient log-man." (III, i, 63-67)

Yeah, so I picked three lines that completely made sense in the play, removed them from their context, and laughed. That's so cute, though. "for your sake/I am this log-man." I would be smitten.

But my the new wallflowers CD now.

So be it, I'm your crowbar,

This is the bottom, stupid. There's nothing here. Go back up to the top.